Pastoral Ministries

Pastor David Catoe

Senior Pastor
Pastor David Catoe is married to Stephanie and they have 4 children Emma, Carson, Charity, and Evan. January 2017 marked his 10th year in the pastorate, and serving his first church at 19 years old he will celebrate 20 years of vocational ministry in the fall of 2018. David loves to coach Little League and Upward sports, to cook for his friends, and to travel with his family. In love with this community Pastor David and his family love being a part of the DBC family.

Blessed to have been called to daily minister the gospel as a husband, father, and pastor seeking to glorify God in word and deed by loving my wife, leading my family, and serving the local church.


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Minister Cody Treviño

Minister of Music
Minister Cody Treviño is married to Sarah and they have 2 daughters Avery and Finley. Cody has served alongside Pastor David serving the body of Christ for the last 15 years officially taking on the role of Minister of Music in 2010. Cody has been blessed with the talent and heart to lead his church in worship through singing and service at Danbury Baptist Church.











Minister Charlie Larson

Minister of Missions
Bro Charlie Larson is married to Jamie and they have 4 children Lillie, Andrew, William, and Daniel. From 2010 to 2017 the Larsons served DBC in youth ministry and in 2013 serving the church as deacon. In January of 2017, however, Bro Charlie and Jamie have expressed a call to pastoral ministry and began working with our pastoral staff pursuing training and experience that resulted in licensure last fall.  Charlie’s focus on missions and equipping the church for outreach has prepared him to serve the body as Minister of Missions. Continue to pray for the Larson family as they follow God’s call to shepherd God’s people.

Minister of Missions— Duties & Responsibilities


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Pastor Wayne Catoe

Pastor of DBC gathering at LJHCC
Pastor Wayne Catoe is married to Betty Catoe and they have two grown sons Pastor David and his wife Stephanie and Paul and his wife Lauren. They have four grandchildren. Ordained in 2013, Pastor Wayne and his wife serve weekly on location at Lake Jackson Health Care Center ministering the Gospel to our extended DBC family. For the last 10 years this ministry has provided joy and hope to those confined to this nursing home facility and the Lord has been faithful to use it to train others in ministries of service. Pray daily for Danbury Baptist Church that gathers at LJHCC.


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Bro Chuck Fricker

Minister in Training
Minister Chuck Fricker is married to Jeanette and they have 2 children, Noah and Emily. Chuck serves under the direct oversight of the Senior Pastor gleaning formal ministerial training while navigating a customized intentional process including theological education elements and pastoral care training while being provided teaching opportunities and occasion for practical ministry development. At this time, Bro Chuck will also fill the role of Interim Youth Director and develop this program for the future of DBC.

Minister in Training/Interim Youth Director— Duties & Responsibilities


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Bro Calvin Campbell

Pastoral Assistant
Bro Calvin Campbell is married to Rachel and they have one son, Jeremiah. Calvin assists the Senior Pastor in ministering to the membership of DBC and our community while specializing in communication, marketing, promotion, technology, and organization.






Robert Rosier— Chairman of Deacons
Ray Starr
Mark Mager
Keith Gratzer

Gene Wollam- Emeritus


Church Officers

Treasurer- Carole Veselka
Clerk- Wendy Bogema


Maintenance & Grounds- Bo Dilleshaw (Superintendent) & David Hatthorn (Groundskeeper)
Finance- Carole Veselka (chairperson)
Planning- James Richardson (chairperson)
Policies- Cody Treviño (chairperson)
Nominating- (Chair to be elected)
Personnel [activated as needed]

Sunday School Teachers

Nursery— Savannah Henson & Sarah Treviño
PreK— Tricia Mager
K-2nd— Deborah Wright
3rd-5th— Jeanette Fricker
6th-12th— Youth Team
Adult Men— Scott Marquis
Mixed Adult— Charlie & Jamie Larson
Adult Ladies— Stephanie Catoe
Senior Adult Ladies— Carole Veselka
Senior Adult Men— Ray Starr & Jack Woods


Nursery— Sarah Treviño
Children— Stephanie Catoe


Praise Team- Minister Cody Treviño (director)
Prayer Team- Bro James & Ronda Richardson (directors)
Youth Team- Minister Chuck Fricker (director)
Missions Team- Minister Charlie Larson (director)
Communication Team [coming soon]- Bro Calvin Campbell (director)
Civic Team [coming soon]