What is a Strategic Vision?

A strategic vision is a specific plan for a specific time. This unique approach emphasizes a specific ministry facet of the church with specific goals during a specific time frame, written and proclaimed in such a way as to encourage and motivate.*

For 6 months, beginning Mother’s Day weekend 2018, the members of Danbury Baptist Church will begin...
[We will be revealing our strategic vision over the next 5 Sundays— DON’T MISS IT!]

Strategic Vision vs Guiding Vision

The DBC STRATEGIC VISION is fueled by our GUIDING VISION anchored in the timeless great commission to make disciples.

Declare these things… SAVED, HOPEFUL, ZEALOUS
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A summary of Titus 2 guides us in our intended discipleship process.

Sound doctrine is our foundation, not just WHAT we teach but HOW it is taught. The word is faithful and we are to faithfully deliver these timeless, tolerant, truths multi-generationally with a 500 year plan in mind. [Titus 2:1-10]
  1. Sound Doctrine… Sunday, April 8th [sermon audio]
  2. SAVED… THIS Sunday, April 15th!
  3. HOPEFULComing Sunday, April 22nd!
  4. ZEALOUSComing Sunday, April 29th!
  5. Declare THESE THINGS… Coming Sunday, May 6th

*Summarized from Who Moved My Pulpit by Thom S. Rainer; 2016 B&H Publishing