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For the week beginning Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020

We’ve been instructed to be by ourselves, what better thing to do when we are by ourselves than to be with the God of the universe, who sees all things, knows all things and is everywhere all the time?

Pastor David
Draw Near Academy— strategic church membership sessions
N.E.A.R.— Accountability [MIND]— Hypocrisy Matthew 6:5-8

The Good Shepherd Sermon Series

AUDIO: “The Door” John 10:7-10

Worship Through Singing

It Is Finished, Jimmy Needham

When we look to Palm Sunday we see the King of Kings enter Jerusalem as a humble lamb ready to be slain!  What an upside down picture when compared to earthly kings entering the city gates!  What no one on that day could imagine is the work that would be accomplished by Jesus.  A few days later He would finish the greatest work ever undertaken in the history of the universe!!!  When we sing this song we can be confident that IT IS indeed finished because Jesus conquered sin and death!

Hosanna (Praise is Rising), Paul Baloche

When we look at the historical event of Jesus entering Jerusalem we can be reminded that He is our perfect strength, deliverer, and comforter.  Since we know the end of the story and its implications we can sing Hosanna with full assurance He will not fail us and He will lead us through all things faithfully.  Let us sing together knowing the full weight and meaning of the Perfect Person and Work of Jesus Christ!

Abide With Me, Henry Lyte – Performed by: Matthew Smith

The word Abide is one not often used today.  The Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines it like this: to remain stable or fixed in a state a love that abided with him all his days. What a powerful thought!  Jesus promises to Abide in us and that we should abide in him!  The good news is that “all his days” is eternity.  When we need hope, when we need encouragement, when we need to celebrate; Abide in Him!

I hope these worship songs have been an encouragement and prayer for you this morning.  I am continuing to pray for you all.  I am patiently waiting for a time we can sing together again.  I love each and every one of you!
God Bless You,
~Minister Chuck

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We like the idea of doing whatever we want, whenever we want. Freedom has another side—the freedom not to act. Faith in Jesus means we can be free from the bondage of sin and the guilt that comes with it.

Adult— Explore the Bible (4/5/20)

If we were thinking our world is a perfect place, this latest coronavirus experience has sure set us straight. God has promised His followers a perfect home though, one that’s eternal, without sickness or pain. This week we’ll learn about this place God has planned for us!

Adult— Bible Studies for Life (4/5/20)
Youth— Bible Studies for Life (4/5/20)
Kids— Bible Studies for Life (4/5/20)
PreK— Bible Studies for Life (4/5/20)


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Nothing teaches us about the preciousness of the Creator as much as when we learn the emptiness of everything else.”

― Charles Spurgeon
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DBC Member Submissions

WAIT by Stephanie Catoe

“Wait for the Lord, be strong and let your heart be courageous. Wait for the Lord” Psalm 27:14 

When I sat down to read Psalm 27 today I was emboldened as I read in verse 1, “The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom should I fear?, The Lord is the stronghold of my life, whom should I dread?” I felt any fear slip away as I was reminded that there is nothing to fear in Christ. I am not to fear financial struggles, I am not to fear the extension of a stay at home order, and I am not to fear a germ that I can’t see. I continued to read through this Psalm of David. In its verses I found hope and encouragement in the fact that the Lord would not abandon me, he would deliver me from my enemies and really there was nothing to fear. 

Then I got to Verse 14. 


I don’t like to wait. Instant downloads, 2-day prime shipping, the instant pot, even instant potatoes. I thrive in our instant high-speed society. I like the ability to send documents and pictures instantly across the country or across the world. I like instant replies to texts and emails. I find the 2 minutes to pop popcorn in the microwave a little too long. I like things to happen in my time, on my schedule. In other words, patience is not my best virtue. It is not the fruit of the Spirit that hangs plentifully from my branches. 

When the first orders came to stay at home or limit our outings I began to feel uneasy. I liked that they put end dates to these orders. April 3rd. I can do anything for a set amount of time as long as there are clear start and end times. When the first church services were canceled to follow the recommendations, I needed to know exactly how many services we would be required to cancel and I needed a return date and I needed that return date to be soon. Then the orders were extended until April 30. Both our church and our family have so many activities and celebrations in April. This is lasting a little longer than I had originally planned. I, like so many of you, thought it was just preposterous to think that I wouldn’t be sitting in a pew at Danbury Baptist Church, on Easter Sunday. Yet here I find myself, preparing my heart to walk through Holy Week and celebrate Resurrection Sunday sitting on my couch in the living room, not the front pew at DBC among my church family. 


But the verse didn’t end there… it continues on to say wait for the Lord. This was the lesson my heart and mind needed today, to wait for the Lord. I am not waiting on a government official to sound the all-clear, I am not waiting on a cure for COVID-19, I am not waiting on a date on the calendar. I am called to wait on the Lord. He is at work in this. He is slowing down schedules and hearts to bring their focus back to him. He is exposing idols of busyness and distraction in our hearts. He is leading us to His word to drink deeply of its truths found therein. 

So I continued to read as God’s word continued to encourage me to be strong and to let my heart be courageous. I recalled verse 1 where I was reminded that the Lord is my light and my salvation, there is nothing to fear… not even waiting. It does take courage for my heart to wait on the Lord and a strength that is not my own but only is made perfect in my weakness. 


My heart is strengthened through prayer and my trust that the Lord is sovereign over all things. I find this courage for my heart to wait, in the pages of Scripture. I wait knowing the lessons learned in the waiting, the refining of my heart and mind to be more like Christ, the glorious day that we are able to be back together as a church family after a season of mourning being apart, all these things will be worth the wait!  

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