Titus 2— DBC 86th Anniversary

DBC members recorded LIVE on Sunday, September 18, 2022, at Danbury Baptist Church. The following are the testimonies and shared teaching time from our 86th Anniversary celebration. Thank you to all who made Sunday so special.

Due to a technical glitch, our audio did not record directly from the sound system but instead recorded the ambient sounds from the room. At first, I thought ‘OH NO!” but then I listened to it. Below you will find the song service and the testimonies and more as it was heard from the balcony of DBC. (SPOILER ALERT… It’s fantastic! DBC is the “singing-est” church I’ve ever been a part of!)

“Great is Thy Faithfulness”
“10,000 Reasons” & “How Great is Our God”
“Lord, I Need You” & “Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me”
Church History— Carole Sue Veselka
Testimony— Elaine Rosier
Testimony— John Burris

VIDEO: Luke Listak

Vision Statement & “Declare these things… SAVED HOPEFUL ZEALOUS!”

  • David Catoe (Strategic Vision, Guiding Vision, & Sound Doctrine)
  • Bo Dilleshaw (Saved)
  • Wayne Catoe (Hopeful)
  • Cameron Gonzales (Zealous)