What about communion when we cannot physically gather?
by Stuart Sheehan, Phd

In these unprecedented times, we continue to mourn our inability to gather while doing the best with what we have available. I am conflicted about how to observe the Lord’s Supper during this season and as always pray we are being faithful in the way we proceed. Stuart Sheehan wrote an article for his organization that was helpful to me and has aided in my decision to lead us in a time of Lord’s Supper, while less than ideal, in a way that is consistent with scripture, history, and conscience. May this effort find you prayed up and read up and prepared to come to the table together.

Maundy Thursday— April 9, 2020

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Camden Johnson reading John 17:1-5

Matthew 26:17-75

Mark 14:12-72

Luke 22:7-71

John 13:1-18:27

This is a playlist with helpful info about the Lord’s Supper
DBC Lord’s Supper Video
This is the song used in our regular communion video used during our examination time.
The Last Supper from LightWorkers Media